Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scorpio and Aries: A Long, Fatal Love Chase

I was talking to a Scorpio girl friend of mine last night, who used to be engaged to a charismatic Aries man I know well. It inspired me to write about the dramatic, often fatalistic relationship between Aries and Scorpio, who traditionally share the influence of the fiery warrior planet Mars (see previous post):

Aries man and Scorpio woman:

Every Aries man walks a fine line between being an idealistic warrior and a charming, sometimes petulant child. At best, this childlike innocence will be manna for the hungry soul of the more jaded Scorpio woman, who has been so frightfully aware of the big, bad world and its chaos and evil all her life. At worst, she'll feel like she's baby-sitting. An Aries can never seem to recognize corruption (especially in himself) until he's been badly damaged by it. He'll think every bad break comes out of the blue, while his Scorpio lover has probably seen it approaching the whole time, warning him in ways he considers defeatist, until she learns to keep her silence while watching another menacing shadow grow taller and more inevitable. Like Cassandra, her prophecies will go unheeded, and she'll get tired of bailing him out of the same old situations.

In return, an Aries man will appreciate the perceptive eye of his Scorpio mate, who seems to know his secrets and keeps him on a short leash (a respite his independent nature sometimes secretly craves-- to stop calling the shots for awhile and let someone else take control is bliss as long as nobody else has to know). She represents service to him, and is usually a better problem-solver when it comes to money and practical matters, something he appreciates whole-heartedly. His faith will help her through her bouts of self-doubt, while her powerful, sometimes dark sexual magnetism will captivate him and bring out a slightly submissive side he's never experienced. However sweet she may seem on the outside, a Scorpio woman has an inner dominatrix just waiting to emerge. When he starts asking her unreasonable favors, she may begin to feel used. He won't understand this suspicious resentment-- everyone else falls all over themselves trying to help him, so why doesn't she? Callous he may sometimes be, but malicious? Never while he truly loves her. Unfortunately, she doesn't really believe in that kind of love anymore, unless she's still in fourth grade. Even then, it's doubtful.

She can be very jealous, and since he lives to surround himself with admirers (he can't live happily without being lauded, and does everything he can to be memorable) she will probably sting him with a Scorpion tongue-lashing he might not forgive. He's insensitive as only a self-obsessed child can be, and possesses approximately five emotions, while she probably has five hundred on a given day. Ultimately, this is an intense relationship built for drama rather than longevity. If the rising and Moon signs are compatible there's more hope, but don't be surprised if things go Sid and Nancy all at once.

Scorpio man and Aries woman

From the moment a Scorpio man spies an Aries woman he desires, it's all over. However independent she is, he can make her docile and even startling submissive, and she'll will turn from Ram to lamb in record time. He represents sex, corruption and regeneration-- all the things her mother warned her about and she's managed to avoid-- until now, that is. The Scorpio man's secret is that he sees her innocence and knows how to skillfully manipulate such a guileless creature. An Aries lives by her instincts, while a Scorpio's only motivation is power and control. It's a contest no Aries can ever win. If the Aries woman maintains her virtue with a Scorpio man, she will become even more attractive to him-- after all, so few women can resist him that one who does is a valuable rarity.

The way an Aries woman unconsciously flirts with every man (and possibly woman) in the tri-state area will test his patience and provoke his ire. After the novelty of Scorpio displeasure wears off (he might even scare her a little bit, something she actually enjoys, much to his dismay) she'll wonder why he is so suspicious all the time. The truth is, having so often indulged in earthly pleasures and induced others to do the same, a Scorpio's frame of reference is much different than an Aries'. She'll explain that virtue is safest in a den of iniquity, while he'll only agree if its his den and his iniquity that she's talking about. In turn, she'll be shocked to discover how many other woman he attracts. In her heart, she'll start to wonder if a more worldly woman might be able to reciprocate a more satisfying (to him) measure of the dark sexuality she can only receive from her Scorpio man.

Power struggles could arise, and if she makes him look foolish in public he may forgive, but, like any true Scorpio, he will never forget. Additionally, her once-charmingly refreshing healthful habits could start to seem sanctimonious, especially if, in true Aries style, she tries to steamroll him into giving up some of his vices. It'll never happen.

Sexually, he will have a hypnotic hold on her, for every Aries woman is an enthusiastic, yet naive lover who relishes the novelty of being her Scorpio's prey, rather than his peer. However, the long run of romance with an Aries usually ends in the short run, while all Scorpios crave a love that is eternal. Eventually, his emotional vortex will start to seem like the self-destructive spinning of wheels to her, and the first time she realizes that he makes her feel dirty will probably be the start of the end. If they have extremely compatible Moon and ascendant signs, marriage is a possibility, but most Aries-Scorpio romances never make it to the altar, unless you're talking about the sacrificial kind.




Uma Menon said...
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Uma Menon said...

this is so true! i am an aries woman andd hell! god knows i am totally powerless when it comes to him!and the worst part is ,i am even liking this behavior of his and trust me i am not the one who likes to be controlled! he has pissed me off many times but i just cant hold the grudge against him. i just cant resist him he is truly magnetic!
what u wrote is true to the last letter!

YoungAmazon said...

I have never seen anything so true. And when you said he makes her feel dirty is when she'll start to leave is spot on. You can't control them and they can't control us. Smh it's always a war with them. But when we both love each other it's beautiful.

Unknown said...

I'm a scorpio woman and my Aries everything you just said!! He loves being admired so I give him a lot of attention to keep him from wandering off. Which, doesn't bother me at all, because I find him perfect &sexy and...did i say perfect? The hardest thing about our relationship is communicating. We misunderstand each other ALL THE TIME. But, he's usually patient and willing to try to clear up the things I interpreted negatively when it wasn't intended negative.
The most fun memories I have are all with my Aries adventurer :) I fell hard and haven't gotten up in 2 years lol
2 years of competing with his mother... yes Aries are mama's boys. And it's annoying. 2 years of dealing with avoidable problems that weren't avoided... 2 years of flirting with girls. ..any girl. Seriously any girl. But the sex is ammmmaaazing. And his desire of me is almost equivalent to my desire of him.. ALMOST.
I love this man with every piece of my heart. But unfortunately you are right again... our relationship was cut short out of the blue (he went to jail 7 months ago.) When everything was perfect.. I had the scorpio womans fantasy lover. And I wasn't fantasizing! My Aries man taught me the meaning of forgiveness, and what unconditional truly meant. So if a scorpio woman finds herself wrapped up in an Aries man.. I say girl... don't let him touch your finances. Don't let him burn your bridges.. and your relationship will make you the happiest woman in the world ...while it lasts anyway... enjoy your adventure.. I promise you won't forget your Aries lover. EVER.

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